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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important parts of web site design, yet it is frequently neglected.  A brilliantly designed, aesthetically pleasing functional website is absolutely no use whatsoever if nobody knows it is there.  Getting your site listed highly with the major search engines under the correct keyphrases and search terms is of paramount importance to the success of your site.

The Search Engines

Recent research indicates that the dominant player in the search engine market is Google, facilitating over 80% of all web searches performed worldwide.  It is therefore of paramount importance to get a good listing in their main results section.  Other search engines such as Yahoo! are also important, but most are playing catch-up and are attempting to emulate Google's success.  Our recommended best policy is therefore to optimise your site primarily for Google, and by doing so your site will automatically be optimised for the rest.

Getting Listed

It is not possible to pay to be listed in the main Google search results.  The best way to get listed is to make your website as useful as possible to your potential users.  This involves optimising your site's content to provide maximum useful information, and by having other quality websites recognise this by linking to your site as a vote of confidence.  We are experts in getting quality websites to link to yours in the correct way, so that when Google finds these links, it will follow them to your site.  Google will then find good material on your site that we have optimised to best describe what your site and company does for your customers, and rank your site accordingly well.

Site Optimisation

We are experts in site optimisation, and we only utilise optimisation methods that are legal and above board.  Too often in the past companies relied on underhand techniques such as keyword stuffing, doorway pages and mirror domains, some of which worked for a time, but now are completely unacceptable.  The search engines will penalise any site caught doing so.  We employ only legal techniques to site optimisation and the result has been top 10 listings for all our optimised sites, and in many cases our sites occupy the No.1 position in the search engine results.

Targetted Keyphrases

We will consult with you to establish the keyphrases that your potential customers are most likely to type into Google.  We will then modify the pages on your website so that they become important for those keyphrases in Google's eyes.


Once your site is optimised, we will then handle placement of incoming links on quality external websites.  Once optimised, results can be expected in a few weeks for an existing website.  However, newly established websites may take appreciably longer, as Google tends to ignore new sites for many months after it first becomes aware of them.  In this case, it is important to start the optimisation process at the earliest stage possible.

Paid Submission

Some engines, including Google and Yahoo, will also accept paid submissions.  However these listings appear as advertisements to the right and above the main search results and are clearly marked as "sponsored links".  These can be effective in some circumstances, particularly if quick results are required, but can also be expensive.

Portfolio - Sites Optimised by Computer Solutions UK

The following sites have benefitted from our "optimisation only" service - this entails either optimising the existing site or in the case of sites created using Flash, a copy is made in HTML before performing the optimisation.  Note that all sites originally constructed by us have also been fully optimised and are listed in the web design area.

Lanes Carpets and Flooring Services (Bristol) Lanes Carpets and Flooring Services (Bristol)
Bristol based flooring sales, specialising in the supply and installation of carpets, vinyl flooring, cushion flooring and underlay to the domestic and commercial customer.
Bella & Fifi Flowers, Bristol, North Devon, Exeter Bella & Fifi Flowers - Wedding flowers in Bristol & Devon
Bristol, Exeter and North Devon wedding florists specialising in flower delivery, organic, fairtrade and seasonal flowers in Bristol, Bath, Exeter and North Devon.
Holiday In Bath Holiday In Bath
Bath self catering holiday apartments and flats located in elegant Highclere House providing accommodation and lets for visitors to the City of Bath.
Cabot Ward Liberal Democrats Cabot Ward Liberal Democrats
News and information from the Liberal Democrats in Cabot Ward, Bristol.  Includes local area information and forum.


We can handle the whole search engine process for you, even if you have had your site designed elsewhere, so please don't hesitate to contact us for more information:

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